New Orleans businesses ready for Cajuns fans

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“We do 3 for 1 all day long on our draft beers and our liquors and we do 2 for 1 on our bottled beers and call liquors.” said bartender Amanda Harvey.

The night before the showdown, Bourbon Heat is expected to bring in a proposed $60,000 in revenue from Cajun fans.

They say they can afford to offer a drink special or two, but in true New Orleans fashion, bartender Amanda Harvey spent some time brainstorming the perfect blood red beverage for fans wanting to taste the spirit of the Cajuns.

“Kinda think of something that has a little spice to it, of course it has to be red. This is our glow in the dark Bourbon Heat cup that you can take home with you. Alright, so we are gonna do our Captain Morgan Spiced Rum. We are gonna do about an ounce and a half of that. Then we are gonna do our fireball cinnamon whisky, about an ounce and a half of that. Then all that's gonna go right inside. Then we are going to do our orange, pineapple and cranberry juices that's gonna give the good red color. We're gonna give it a little mix. And we are gonna garnish it with a little cherry.” said Harvey.

So how much will the cinnamon concoction fire it up Cajuns cost fans?

“Normally this drink would be $11.75, but tonight it will be $9.50.” said Harvey.

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