Ragin’ Cajuns merchandise selling quickly

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With all the excitement surrounding the New Orleans bowl, fans of every age are flocking to local stores stocking up on Ragin' Cajuns merchandise.

Showing your support for the Cajuns has never been easier. With around twenty retailers selling the red hot items, the hardest decision you'll have to make is what to choose. But where you choose to buy your items could make a huge difference.

That's because stores like the Red Zone and the University Book Store take one hundred percent of the sale, which helps the university. Matt Tarver, the university's assistant director of brand management and creative services, says money from those sales go back to the University which then goes towards scholarships and other programs.

The university does get a cut from other stores who sell merchandise, just not as much. Tarver goes on to say any item you buy should contain a silver hologram, ensuring it is an official university item and money will be going back to support university programs.

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