Red vs. green at the New Orleans Bowl

While the Cajuns enjoy their stay at Marriott a few blocks away Hilton Riverside is hosting New Orleans own Tulane. How do these fans feel about the sea of red colliding with their Green Wave?

“Well they in their little corner but we have the city.” said Noel Jackson.

The last time the team was present at a bowl game was eleven years ago in the Hawaii Bowl. And after a not so successful season in 2012, these die hard fans were more than ecstatic to hear their team was heading to the Superdome

“Well Tulane is the only real team in this city, so you always follow them, you always support them.” said Jackson.

“Last year, ya know, was a learning process. My brother in law was the coach, ya know he didn't have the team. They didn't do to good. They only won two games, ya know now it's a big turnaround.” said Charles Jackson.

As far as that green-red rivalry, they welcome what they called that other Louisiana team to their city.

“We don't have a problem with that. We welcoming that. Cause guess what? Tulane strong! We don't have a problem with it we welcome it. It's gonna be a fun game. Looking forward to it. Yesterday we was on the riverboat with some Ragin' Cajuns. We had a good time. Chemistry is there, but we will win the game!.” said Ada Jackson.

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