MKL Center Toy Donation

Sunday, two Hub City officials worked together to bring some early Christmas cheer to dozens of kids in Upper Lafayette.

Families gathered at the Martin Luther King Center as City-Parish Councilman Brandon Shellvin and his brother, school board representative Doctor Tamay Shason, held their annual toy giveaway.

With the help of several sponsors from around South Louisiana. At the event bowls of gumbo and chili were overflowing for everyone and every child at the event was able to leave with an early Christmas present.

“It's something that's need throughout America. God has blessed us tremendously and it's just, you know, just a small way of folks like myself and my brother. Dr. Chaisson, to give back to this community” said Shelvin.

The crowd was also entertained by a local dance company, as the event doubled as a Christmas recital for the Tic-Tac-toe School of Dance.

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