Family escapes house fire unharmed

At 1:44 Thursday morning, Lafayette firefighters responded to a house fire in the 100 block of Amber Street. The owner of the dwelling reported heavy smoke inside the home. When firefighters arrived, heavy smoke and flames were coming from the interior of the dwelling.

They entered the dwelling and found the living room a blaze. The fire was extinguished within fifteen minutes. The house sustained heavy fire and smoke damage.

The owner, Ms. Virginia Wiltz, and her family were awakened by the smoke detector. The house was filling up with smoke and the living room was on fire. They escaped through a front door without any injuries.

Fire investigators determined the fire originated in the living room. The fire started after an electrical outlet overheated. Aluminum wiring in the dwelling was a factor. The fire was determined to be an accident.

LFD encourages home owners of houses with electrical outlets that have aluminum wiring to inspect them periodically for loose connections.

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