Hoping to fill holes in WW2 Museum collections

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NEW ORLEANS (AP) – Even with enough artifacts to fill a growing number of buildings, the National World War II Museum's collections have some gaping holes. Those include the Holocaust, the first U.S. engagement with German troops, and gear from women who flew military airplanes to the front, freeing male pilots to fight.

The museum's 100,000-plus artifacts include items from about 900 women in other services and the home front. But its only illustration of the Women Airforce Service Pilots is one shoulder patch. Curator Toni Kiser would like a log book, a flight jacket or other item with information about its owner.

Her boss, Tom Czekanski (chuh-KAN-skee), says the museum has found most items it was actively hunting and now depends more on word of mouth and a list on its website.

He says it doesn't currently have an acquisitions budget.

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