Jennings police investigate body found on side of road

Officers searched a home on Joe Louis street in Jennings. Investigators determined Ruston Reed was shot there by Keagon Reon. The home belonged to Jules Batiste. Reed's body was then dumped on Racca road. No other info on motive. Investigation still on going.

Jennings Police say they have two suspects in custody in the death of 21 year old Ruston Reed of Jennings.

Kegan Reon of Jennings was booked on second degree murder charges. Jules Batiste Jr. of Jennings was charged with accessory after the fact. Still no motive at this time.



Jennings police are investigating a body that was found on the side of the road on New Year's Eve.

Around 8 p.m. Tuesday evening the Jennings Police Department received a call from a passing motorist of a motionless body on the side of Racca Road.

Jennings police Department, Deputy Chief Danny Semmes says “The corners office was able to determine that the subject was approximately 6 feet tall 200 pounds, reddish brown hair, short hair. And with a goatee.”

The victims description also included a very detailed list of tattoos. “He had a hand grenade on his left forearm surrounded by flames, he has a Batman tattoo in the center of his shoulder blades, and a smiley face tattoo on his right shoulder blade as well and other assorted tattoos on his body” says Semmes.

As you may be aware of, the bodies of eight women have been found near Jennings since 2005. When asked if the present situation could be tied to the Jeff Davis eight, police responded with “NO, we don't believe that.”

Police are not releasing specifics of any injuries at this time. Armed with only a description of the Victim and a few tattoos, they are asking for the publics assistance in identifying the body.

If you have any idea who the deceased is, call the Jennings Police Department at 337-821-5513 or make an anonymous tips at 337-275-9002.

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