Iberia Parish voters to decide on sales tax

Last month, the New Iberia City Council said ‘no' to a proposed half cent sales tax.

But that's not stopping the Parish Council from going forward this spring with a sales tax proposal of its own—and this one would be parish wide.

On May 3, the parish will ask voters to approve a half cent sales tax dedicated to roads.

According to the council, the tax would raise around $7.3 million annually for ten years. Council members say as the only dedicated tax of its kind, it would go towards construction, improvements and maintenance of roads and bridges.

Not every council member was sold on sending this proposal to voters.

“I voted against it due to the number of calls the public has called and just they don't want us digging in their pockets any further and truly don't trust government to spend money in the correct way. So, I think there's a total opposition to taxes and I think people pay enough taxes and don't need to be taxed any more. We have plenty of money to fix the roads in Iberia Parish as is,” says Councilman David Ditch.

Councilman Troy Comeaux says he wants to see what the voters have to say about the tax proposal.

“The condition of our roads in Iberia Parish are always a hot topic, so I felt it was important that we bring the opportunity to the voters. We should let them have a voice in how they feel we should address the road conditions,” says Comeaux.

Council Chairman Election
The vote for the tax proposition was split three to 9 and only took 45 minutes for council members to decide on. Unlike the election of the council's chairman, which took them an hour and fifteen minutes and a whooping 34 rounds of voting before re-electing Councilman Roger Duncan.

“It's just I guess our council members have their own opinion and they can vote for whoever they like. Generally, we do support the vice chairman as the next chairman…there is few of us that would like to see me do it again as chairman. They think I did a good job, and I like doing it,” says Duncan.

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