Karma co-owner: ‘there’s not going to be any litigation’

A controversial Lafayette nightclub—Karma—has closed its doors.

Over the past couple of years the bar had more than its share of legal troubles over alleged stabbings and shootings involving bar patrons.

In the end, the owner of the building told TV-10 they were thrown out for failing to pay their rent.

Andrew Monceaux co-owns the building Karma was operating out of at 314 Jefferson St.

He says they came to a settlement this week with Karma over the more than $37,000 in rent money they owed from the months of November and December.

Danny Smith, co-owner of Karma Nightclub, says the two parties are now going their separate ways.

“New Year's Eve was the last night of operation. It was a joint agreement between ourselves and the landlord. There's been a release signed by both sides. There's not going to be any litigation. A settlement was made basically on the rent, we pay them some rent,” says Smith.

Monceaux says the future of the building is still up in the air.

“I would think that the building would sit dormant for a little while. I don't see an immediate tenant in the future. Right now, I'm going to spruce it up a little bit. It's a little ugly right now. It needs a paint job,” says Monceaux with a laugh.

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