Tax season scammers

Tax season is here which could mean more money in your pocket, but if you're not careful it could also mean trouble.

The Better Business Bureau of Acadiana says between now and April tax scams will be on the rise. The most common tax scam involves phishing for your private information by someone who is impersonating the IRS. Often time scammers will use email saying there is a problem with your refund and they need your personal and/or financial information to resolve the issue.

According to BBB president and CEO Sharane Gott, in most cases the IRS will never email you. Gott says the biggest refund is not the way to judge the person who should do your taxes. The person who should do your taxes should have experience, it's someone you can trust and they will be there next year.

One way you can monitor your credit accounts, ensuring you haven't fallen victim to identity theft or fraud, is by going to The BBB says it's a trustworthily, reputable and free credit report site.

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