Abbeville Police search for male suspect

Abbeville Police are searching for 20 year old Michael Roche Jr. for questioning in connection to a battery incident.

On Tuesday, January 21, at 10:41PM, the Abbeville Police Department responded to a complaint at the address of 109 Donald Frederick Boulevard where a neighbor called to advise that there was a disturbance between a brother and sister.

Upon the officer's arrival, the officers spoke to a female who advised that her brother had jumped on her and made threats to her that he was going to kill her if she called the police. The officers went to the residence to talk to the subject but the residence was locked. The officers on scene could hear movement in the home and heard the sound of a young child crying. The officers made several attempts to make contact with the subject but nobody would come to the door.

With the information received from the sister, of the recent events and that the brother suffered from a mental disorder, APD contacted the Vermilion Parish Sheriff's Department who sent out their negotiators and S.W.A.T. team. After several hours of attempting to make contact with the subject, the Vermilion S.W.A.T. team made entry into the home. There the four children were found in their bedroom but there was no sign of the complainants brother. The complainant and the four children were brought to a local hospital to be medically cleared and then brought to a safe location.

The Abbeville Police Department is presently searching for 20 year old Michael Roche Jr. for the charges of Simple Battery and outstanding warrants for another parish.

If you have any information on this incident, please call the Abbeville Police Department at 893-2511.

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