Jennings police arrest 4 in drug round up

The Directive Patrol Unit is on a mission to get drugs off the streets of Jennings. They have expanded their role from being solely a street crime unit, to more of an investigative team, and Thursday's roundup is only the beginning.

Chief Todd D'albor tells News Ten “This is not the first set of suspects that will be picked up. This will go on through the course of this year.”

Today's arrests are the result of a lengthy investigation. “Over the last six months they have been able to identify and make cases on people that were distributing various types of illegal drugs on our streets.” In 2014, the department plans to get nearly 60 drug dealers off the streets of Jennings.

D'albor says “Our plan is that every month we will pick up a number of individuals that are selling and have been caught selling drugs to undercover agents.” The chief hopes through this process they can increase the quality of life for the people of Jennings. “And that's our intention, to get the people that are selling this poison on the street, off the streets” says D'albor.

With the help of the community, the Jennings Police Department wants to put a stop to drug trafficking. If you suspect or observe drug activity call the Jennings Police Department at 337-821-5513.

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