Series continues at Vermilionville with open hearth cooking

Vermilionville's newest series, Les Mains Guidées (French for 'Guided Hands') allows locals and visitors alike to learn crafts from its master artisans.

On the second Tuesday of every month, Vermilionville will highlight a different craft from the old Acadian, Creole and Native American ways of life. Topics will range from woodworking, to textiles, to foodways and so many things in between.

On February 11th from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm, Vermilionville artisan Em LeMieux will offer a workshop on open hearth cooking. In this hands-on class, participants will learn about how to properly use a dutch oven as well as how to apply open hearth techniques to a modern setting.

A fee of $25 covers material costs, and at the end of the night, participants will be able to eat a rabbit stew that they cooked themselves.

Anyone age 12 and over is invited to sign up by contacted Jolie Johnson at 337-233-4077 or by e-mailing her at <>. This class is limited to 30 participants.

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