Zoosiana freeze plan

(Image 1)

Gab the giraffe and all his friends at Zoosiana weathered the storm without incident.

Zoosiana officials say they worked around the clock to keep the over five hundred animals safe and warm during the ice storm. The zoo was closed for two days. Crews worked to put heaters, extra insulators and whatever else was needed inside cages to prevent any animal from suffering in the cold.

Fran Daigle with the zoo says when they heard another winter storm was coming they implemented their severe weather plan. That plan entails giving every animal its own heat source, blanket, and/or bedding.

Daigle says they also bring those geriatric animals or ill ones into the clinic for extra warmth. All their hard work paid off. No animal was inured because of the weather. Zoosiana is back to operating under normal hours.

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