Area heroin deaths Increase

Kenner Police have recently charged a woman with second degree murder, in relation to a heroin overdose. The arrest is shedding light on a growing problem not only in the state of Louisiana, but even close to home right here in Lafayette.

There's more than one heroin-related death every week just in Jefferson Parish. Authorities say it's the most they've seen. And they hope to send a message to anyone who deals the drug. Heroin addiction is a growing problem throughout the metro area and authorities believe an increase in heroin is fueling other crimes.

“The thefts and the burglaries and so forth, when we bring the individuals in to the police department, they are telling us they are addicted and they are addicted to heroin, so they are feeding that habit by committing these crimes” “says Kenner Police Sargent McGregor.

At the end of 2013, authorities in Lafayette called it record breaking year with over 35 times more heroin seized than 2012.

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