Chief addresses crime rate in Opelousas

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The overall crime rate in Opelousas was the center of a press conference held Friday morning.

Chief Gallow discussed the plan of action for his department and how they're working with other agencies. In this month alone, there have been three shooting deaths. All were drug-related according to police.

Although those deaths were quote “criminals attacking criminals” law enforcement fears if not tackled quickly, the violence could trickle to other neighborhoods.

There's no perfect model when combating crime. But Gallow, says they've secured funding to increase police presence around those concentrated areas.

“Not simply presence, but proactive policing and engaging with those individuals who are committing those types of crimes” said Chief Gallow.

In response to these crimes, there will be a “stop the violence” walk Monday at 1:00 PM starting at South Park and ending at North Park in Opelousas.

Local politicians and officials will be on-hand to speak.

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