Jockey Lot murder victim’s family speaks out

Skylynn Touchet says she was close to her mother's fiancée, 49-year-old Michael Patin of Arnaudville, before he was gunned down at the Jockey Lot in Lafayette on Sunday.
“My mom called me hysterical and I just asked her ‘what was going on?' She couldn't really tell me. All she said was he had been killed,” says Touchet.
Touchet says her mother was engaged to Patin—they had been dating for 14 years. Now leaving her and three sons of his own behind.
“They daddy taught them everything—he was a good man. Like, he really was. He would help anybody, if he could,” says Touchet.  
Touchet says Patin, a general contractor by trade, was helping out at the Jockey Lot on Sunday—the flea market site he helped build.
“My mom and him would help run it on the weekends and they would just stay over there on the weekends and make sure everything was alright,” says Touchet.
But, this past weekend, everything was far from it.
Lafayette Parish sheriff's deputies responded to a theft in progress at the Jockey Lot around 9 p.m. Four juvenile suspects were arrested. Less than two hours later, deputies say another call came in and this time it was about a shooting on the same grounds.
Patin had been shot in the back. His car was missing.
The following day, a 15-year-old suspect was arrested in his murder. Five juveniles were arrested on charges of trespassing, unauthorized use of a movable and illegal possession of stolen items. Despite the quick arrests, resolve may not come any time soon for a family and community still in shock.
“Very sad to hear that. To me that was a real nice fellow,” says local convenience store owner Russell Knott.
His cousin, Jason Knott, says he was equally as upset with Patin's death.
“Mr. Mike was a good man. A hard-working man. He helped anybody out, if he can you know?” says Knott.

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