Cozy Outdoors: Flying over Lafayette

I'm Chris Cozart. You know we've taken it to the sea, we've taken it to the land and now we're going to take it to the sky. We're here at Lafayette Regional Airport. We're joined by Raja, owner of Acadian Aviation.

How are you doing Raja? What are we going to be doing today?

Raja: Well Chris, today we're going to learn how to start the airplane, taxi it, learn how to take off and we're going to go enjoy the scenery and look at some landmarks in Lafayette and the surrounding areas.

Chris: So you're actually going to let me fly this, huh?

Raja: You're going to do the whole flying yourself!

Chris: Let's do this Raja!

Raja: You got it, Chris. Let's go!

Before Raja put me behind the controls, we went through a pre-fight checklist every pilot must abide by to insure a safe flight. And after a look under the hood of Raja's piper warrior ii aircraft, I'm ready to strap in and fly off!

Raja: If you're ready, position your hands on the controls this way. Go ahead and advance the throttle.

As the plane started picking up speed, so did my heart rate.

Raja: There's our airspeed. We have sufficient airspeed for liftoff and off the ground we go.

We were in the sky, but my confidence had turned to nervousness within seconds. Can you tell by my face? This could be one of my biggest challenges on the Cozy Outdoors.

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