Organization looks to impact the community

Almost six years ago, a small group of budding business people came together and wanted to create an organization where young people starting new careers would come together and impact the community.

“They reached out to several people and it got it started. They wanted something innovative, fun, impactful. Putting work into the community but at the same time enjoying themselves and having fun.” said 705 President Brittany Broussard.

The 705 Club was established, and their took place in October of 2007.

“I actually attended that party in 2007 and the energy and excitement from people of all demographics was inspiring. I signed up that night as a member and has been a member ever since.” said Broussard.

Gus Rezende, co-owner of Jefferson Street Pub, was born and raised in Brazil. He moved to the states to attend college on a tennis scholarship, but after school he had a difficult time finding a new place to call home.

“I struggled to find a place, you know, I went to a couple different locations after college but Lafayette was the place to be. Especially now downtown the last couple of years I feel like I've found my niche. I found a place I really want to spend my time and that's the place I want to help the community grow in downtown is the area I'm going to put my focus in.” said Rezende

“Gus, if you could give advice to young entrepreneurs what would you say to them?”

“Stay in Lafayette. Staying in Lafayette, keep pushing it. The city is willing to help you grow. I can say nothing but good things about the overall structure on how things are done.” said Rezende.

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