Durel gives State of the Parish Address

Lafayette City-Parish President Joey Durel gave his State of the Parish Address to hundreds of people at the Cajundome Convention Center Wednesday afternoon.

Issues, dreams, and direction for Lafayette Parish were made front and center during President Durel's second to last State of the Parish Address.

“For years I have said we have to raise the bar. we should not be saying that we want to be the Austin of Louisiana, our goal should be to achieve much more than that; our goal should be to have Austin want to be the Lafayette of Texas!” said Durel.

A task well on its way. Durel high lighted the fact Lafayette was named number one overall city in America by area development magazine. Austin Texas was named the fifth.

But Durel admits there's still plenty of room for improvement, like fixing how consolidated government operates.

“The people in the unincorporated areas are going to suffer first, and it's already starting. Funding parish projects will continue to be a problem. This year, we have only $650,000 for overlaying roads in the entire parish.” said Durel.

And one of the biggest announcements from the speech, re-dedicating two taxes.

“I will ask the council to simply allow the people of Lafayette Parish to vote on rededicating two millages. The Parish Health Unit and Mosquito Control millages produce more money than we have needed in past years.

My proposal is to combine them and add animal control, making it a new, single public health millage.” said Durel.

Durel said by doing so animal control which is currently a “city” function becomes a “parish” function.

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