Evangeline Maid: making bread since 1919

It's a comfort food many of us can't stop craving, bread. It's been a staple of the human diet for thousands of years. And Acadiana prides itself for producing some of the best bread in the country.

Just like that, bread becomes toast. It's something we often take for granted, always stocked on store shelves but have you ever wondered how much work goes into making just one loaf of bread?

We turned to the experts for that step-by-step process. A local gem. Evangeline Maid right here in Lafayette.

This giant spinning bread sign has a story of its own, spinning outside the factory right across the street.

Since 1919, they've been making quality bread we use everyday.

“We still make bread the old fashioned way.” said Farley Painter with Evangeline Maid.

The entire process takes eight hours.

“We have 165 employees working 24/7. What we produce today is on the truck this afternoon and on your grocery store tomorrow morning” said Painter.

It all starts here, the mixing of the essentials, flour, water, and yeast. It's then dumped into carts where it sits for about four hours until the dough rises. Then it's cut and winds its way down the conveyer belt, where it's stretched, molded and placed into baking trays.

Next up the hot spot. These gigantic ovens, where dozens of loaves are baked. And that only takes 10 minutes. Only thing better than the smell of fresh bread, is the taste.

The bread cools for about an hour and it's the cooling process that makes this truly the greatest thing since sliced bread.

After the bread goes through the slicer it goes into this machine which can bag 50 loaves in a minute. incredible.

And their factory never goes stale. They produce half-a-million loaves in a week. 500 thousand carefully crafted breads for your own home.

Michael Dupre

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