Local radio talent discuss being on air

“You some people say I have red blood I have radio blood.” said Jackson Brown.

Magic 104.7 personality Jackson Brown serves as program director for magic and hip hop station Q 95.5. Brown says besides connecting with listeners he enjoys mentoring the youngsters in the business.

“I take pride in training the young talent around here that I am cultivating and developing.” said Brown.

Like rookie Mr. Socialite.

“Jackson Brown called me and just asked me the crazy question in the world did I ever want to talk on the radio yeah of course I would.” said Mr. Socialite.

He says being around senior on air personalities like Brown and other recognizable voices is inspiring.

“When you get that feeling around these guys who have all the experiences and know the ins and out they will be able to tell you what's real and what's not and what's wrong.” said Mr. Socialite.

“94.5 KSMB. It's Bobby Novosad in the morning along with Karli.” “When I got here I decided to do something I didn't realize what I wanted to do at the time but I wanted to marry the market.” said Bobby Novosad.

30 year 94.5 KSMB veteran Bobby Novosad has no plans on divorcing Lafayette anytime soon

“I have a passion for doing this and I never want to get bored doing this I never want to get here and go oh not again.” said Novosad.

“Buckle up cause the ride is in full effect get ready to roll with a brother.” said Brown.

“You have just been live with Mr. Socialite. In the social lounge on Q 95.5.” said Mr. Socialite.

“Lots of fun here this morning snow everywhere.” said Novosad.

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