Some famous names buried at St. John’s Cathedral

There may not be any movie stars or famous athletes but there are some famous names buried behind the iron gates at St. John's Cathedral. In fact, without them, Lafayette's course of history wouldn't quite be the same.

“Here is the founder of Lafayette, which was originally called Vermilionville, Jean Mouton. He came down here from Nova Scotia and when he came down here he fell in love with a doctor's daughter.” said St. John's Cathedral Curator Jan McNeil.

And so the stories go, recounting how Lafayette's biggest and brightest paved the way for what we see today.

From politicians, doctors, attorneys, craftsman, and even war heroes many family names have stuck around for hundreds of years and so have the graveyard plots bearing their resemblance.

“He returned to Louisiana, got involved in the political atmosphere. He ended up being the first democratic governor of Louisiana.” said McNeil.

Out of the hundreds and hundreds of graves, only one carries the distinction of being the oldest. It's fairly hidden, definitely tucked away. But, it dates back to 1822 and its very hard to read what's inscribed

since its been weathered for almost 200 years.

The cathedral seen here today is the third construction. and with expansion came the need for space even sacred.

That meant moving the first cemetery so the actual number of souls resting on the grounds is unknown.

“In fact, it was built over the first cemetery. I want you to notice there's a seven foot cellar. And I want you to notice, that's where the first cemetery exists.” said McNeil.

And the stroll through bears other big names.

It's one of the most recognizable name in Lafayette and this is where Ambassador Caffery and his wife are laid to rest. But, his first name isn't Ambassador, he was actually an ambassador to Rome at the Vatican which made him a very influential figure around the community.

So who are the other faces, come take a stroll. You may be surprised what part of history lies in the heart of the city.

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