Cooper discusses incident at school board meeting

After accusations of assault coming out of Wednesday night's school board meeting, as we reported to you yesterday police responded to a call at the Lafayette Parish School Board.

As we reported to you Wednesday police responded to a call at the Lafayette Parish School Board after board member Tehmi Chassion accused the superintendent of assaulting him.

Dr. Cooper says he believes the incident stems from himself, Risk Manager Mona Bernard and Board President Shelton Cobb refusing to pay the consultant agreed upon by the board, 200,000 dollars because they do not believe she has worked for it.

Cooper says “The consultant they hired is now giving us a demand letter for $200,000 and she's threatening to suit which is the reason we went into executive session.” Cooper says Chassion began to loudly question Risk Manager Mona Bernard, that's when he intervened.

“I touched him on the arm to get his attention to tell him to quit yelling at one of our employees because our employees do not answer to the board our employees answer to me. So I requested that he tone himself down and if he wanted information you could get it from me” says Cooper.

A report filed by the Lafayette Parish Police Department states the offense as simple battery, and during the course of a verbal altercation the suspect placed his hand on the victim. No arrest was made.

Corporal Paul Mouton of the LPD tells News Ten “In the event that enough probable cause, information or evidence is on the prosecution side, they would then forward the case for prosecution under the charge of simple batter.”

Throughout the course of the day we reached out to Mr. Chassion, he prefers not to comment at this time.

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