Phone scammers target elderly

Residents are being warned against the latest caller scam going around Lafayette Parish. Captain Kip Judice with the Lafayette Parish Sheriff's Office says the scammers are targeting the elderly, claiming an arrest warrant must be paid off.

“(They are) claiming to be a lieutenant and a person may miss their court date and in exchange for a credit card and fee of about $400 they can have the warrant recalled and the situation resolved,” said Judice.

But he says law enforcement never solicits money through the telephone and there must be due process.

“You have to be found guilty before courts will impose some sort of penalty,” said Judice.

Unfortunately, Judice says, people are too embarrassed to report they've been victimized by a scam. But, it's really important to report the incident anyways so authorities can crack down and keep it from recurring. And this isn't a new scam. Similar tricks have happened in the past.

Captain Judice says even though a call may sound legitimate—never give personal information over the phone.

“If you're not sure you're being contacted by a law enforcement officer, hang up, and call the sheriff's office,” said Judice. Wwe can easily verify if someone is looking to speak with you.”

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