Plan Lafayette week is underway

Plan Lafayette week is underway! A series of forums and presentations to familiarize and educate Lafayette residents about the four “big ideas” the concepts that the plan is built around.

The draft comprehensive plan, a community-wide effort, has been underway for nearly two years.

Following tremendous input from the community, feedback was reviewed and priorities for future development and redevelopment emerged.

“This is our plan, communities plan and so as we move forward kind of get past this milestone we need to be thinking about how we're going to be working together as a community for the next 10 15 years to make all this a reality and I think if we could do that than our city and our parish have a really bright future” says LCG Chief Development Manager Keith Blanchard.

The plan's four big themes are, refine government, revitalize neighborhoods, reenvision natural resources, and reinvent the Hub City.


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