Old Governor’s Mansion still stands in Opelousas

Sitting at the corner of Grolee and North Liberty Streets in Opelousas is a house fit for a governor and his family and that's exactly where Governor Thomas Moore resided between 1862 and 1863.

“Opelousas at one time during the Civil War was the capital of Louisiana and this house actually became known as the Governor's Mansion.” said James Douget.

James Douget, with Preservationists of St. Landry Inc. said during that time there was fear the union forces would take over Baton Rouge. So they moved all official business to Opelousas.

“The legislature actually moved right across the street from the court house, in the old Lacombe Hotel. It's there they met for several months. One of the most important laws was passed while there. The Conscription Act . That's where the Confederate States where having to draft people to serve in military. In Louisiana that's where this law was passed while in Opelousas.” said Douget.

When fear spread of a take over in Opelousas, the governor and legislature moved the capital to Shreveport.

But the Governor's Mansion remained in tact.

Today its current owners are determined to restore the 1850 home to it's original splendor.

“It's a wonderful gem that many people don't even know is here.” said Douget.

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