Prudhomme home, rich in history

For more than two centuries, its been standing, while the city of Opelousas grew up around it. The Prudhomme house is one of the oldest homes in Louisiana, in fact its been around since the Revolutionary War.

Built in the late 1700's, the Prudhomme home has been around for a while.

“Its been around for over 200 years, we hope to have it for another 200 years.” said Preservationist of St. Landry James Douget.

Tucked away behind Opelousas General, you may miss seeing the two story plantation style brick house.

“Well it's a hidden jewel. Most people don't even know this house is here.” said Douget.

The bottom level used to have a dirt floor. Rounded brick columns support the balcony in the front. And the walls are lined with bricks and wooden posts for extra strength.

Having been around for more than 200 years, these walls have seen their share of strong winds and hurricanes. And they're still around. There's good reason, they're more than two feet thick in some parts.

Journey up to the second floor and you'll find the living quarters. The master bedroom has a lavish bed with a headboard reaching to the ceiling. And the size of the furniture isn't hard to measure up to.

“The Prudhommes were short people as most were back in those times. And they'd sit down here and put your boots on.” said Douget.

Travel up one more level the attic and see an masterpiece of architecture. Talk about holding their own weight, these massive cypress beams offer superb support.

College students still come to study the beams and how they're held together by wooden pegs. The house was also a command post during the Civil War.

“I like to come up here sometimes and just walk the gallery and imagine being general Grover during the Civil War times, and viewing his troops camped out by the church grounds.” said Douget.

The Prudhomme home may be old, but its rich with history. Around every corner, behind every step, lies an ancient discovery that will let you travel back in time.

Michael Dupre

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