Village offers glimpse into the past

A walk through Le Vieux Village is like walking back in time-almost 200 years. What literally means “The Old Village” is tucked beneath sprawling oak trees and passed by hundreds of thousands every single day.

Tourism Director, Melanie Lebouef says the village is a unique Creole gem for Opelousas.

“The village offers visitors and locals a glimpse into the past where they can see some of the way people lived.” said Lebouef.

Between the two-room school house, an old Methodist chapel, a mini-market and the outside lavatory, a glimpse back in time is all on one property.

But it's the Venus House which belonged to emancipated slave Marie Francois Venus that is the centerpiece to the village. Lebouef says it's one of the oldest and quintessential Creole dwellings west of the Mississippi.

“It features old galleria exposed porch, it's held together by timbers, something old Creole homes did have was a natural insulation which was a mixture of mud and moss.” said Lebouef.

There's a lot of learn about life in south Louisiana over the last couple centuries especially a culture so unique it must be preserved.

“Our culture that we see here in Opelousas is very unique, very distinct, so preserving buildings such as these, not just the buildings but the stories behind the buildings are important to actually preserving that Cajun, Creole culture.” said Lebouef.

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