Kids jump rope for a good cause

There was a lot of jumping going around at one Vermilion Parish school. Wednesday almost seven-hundred students tried their hand at jump roping and all for a good cause.

Students at Eaton Park Elementary school in Abbeville traded in their pencils and paper for a jump rope and did so for a good cause.

“Today we are having a fundraiser called jump rope for hearts.” said Mary Broussard.

Physical education teacher Mary Broussard explained this is the 35th annual Jump for Heart's fundraiser where students raise money by jump roping. But for Broussard teaching the importance of heart health goes beyond the gym.

“In the span of 18 months I lost my mother, my father and my two older brothers to heart related issues. So this is very important to me and I wanted to teach my kids how important being heart healthy is.” said Broussard.

And for those students who donated, they not only helped fund future research, but got a jump start on living healthy.

“The money is good, it goes to a good cause and the kids have a blast. I am very proud of my kids.” said Broussard.

Every grade level and classroom jumped for the cause and they're anticipating hundreds of dollars will be raised. This is the first year the school participated in the Jump for Heart fundraiser.

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