Second Line funeral

Can you play away the pain of losing a loved one with music while helping to end black on black, teen, gun and drug violence? The Second Line Soul Express Band seems to think so. They are planning a celebration, a funeral for violence.

“We are going have a big ole funeral for violence. We are going to bury violence on Sunday,” said drummer Reginald Jackson.

Since the beginning of the new year, St. Landry officials, Opelousas Police and citizens have stepped up their community involvement with stop the violence rallies. Jackson said they are getting involved, because they are tired of playing their second line for funerals of the community's children.

“If we keep on keeping on they are going to eventually stop. That's my vision,” he explained.

Opelousas is just the first stop. One Sunday of every month for the remainder of the year, the band plans to travel city to city they plan to march and sound the horns, burying violence, instead of the dead, along the way.

The Second Line , Funeral for Violence March will begin at 2pm Sunday at Guidry's Supermarket on Park Avenue.

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