School board fighting consultant, rumors continue

A health care consulting firm gave the Lafayette Parish School Board two options: pay their fee or there will be litigation. The school's board's unanimous response on Thursday — see you in court.
“If we're just paying everyone that comes and demands money from the school system, if we did it on this one, if we paid on this demand letter then really we're setting a precedent for everyone with some gripe with the school system that feels they are owed money to come and bring it to us,” says board member Greg Awbrey.
Rina Tikia, president of Tikia Consulting Group, was appointed by the school board, last June, to look into a new health care provider for the school system.
The board rejected her suggestion for a change in provider.
Tikia claims about seven months later the board terminated her services on February 1st.   
Now, she says, the board owes her $200,000.
The board and Superintendent Dr. Pat Cooper, say differently.
“The lady was never given a contract. She had never given us any proof of work she had done and we repeatedly asked her for that. The board doesn't have the ability to actually give her a contract that has to come from the superintendent has to be signed by the board president none of that ever happened,” says Cooper.
On top of a potential suit with Tikia.
School board President Hunter Beasley says rumors have come to light that Tikia was allegedly offering Saints tickets for board votes on her suggestion to change their provider.
“We're definitely going to be looking into it. I'm sure the legal authorities, they very well may be looking into it also,” says Beasley.

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