Locals keep going back for more at Victor’s Cafeteria

When it comes to small town staples, it doesn't get any homier than Victor's Cafeteria. Even today, nearly 50 years since it opened, locals line up for the daily specials and Cajun Creole fare that's kept them coming back for generations.

“We get kids that come from out of town and say 'I was here when I was a kid.' said Victor Huckaby.

Every day, owner, Victor Huckaby and his wife Catherine say as soon as doors open at 6 a.m., their tables are filled. So, what keeps Victor's patrons coming back for more?

“I think it's the good food and the hospitality. This is the meeting place for New Iberia.” said Catherine Huckaby.

And if the food lines are any indication, there's good food indeed and plenty to choose from.

“Depending on the time of year home style cooking stuff.” said Victor Huckaby.

But for regular customers, it's more than just the food that makes this spot a local favorite since 1969. Victor says it's become a home away from home for both employees and customers making this dining experience more like a family meal.

“We've just been real fortunate to be in New Iberia and we have a good customer base. Between the rest of the employees and myself, it's been real fun.” said Victor Huckaby.

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