Upcoming budget season for LPSS

The Lafayette Parish School Board was told the upcoming budget season is going to be a tough one this year. The numbers show an estimated 15 million dollar deficit.

The chief financial officer Billy Guidry made the announcement Wednesday. He also gave a few recommendations on how to fill the gap. He suggested using money from the general fund to help plug the hole. Guidry told the board it's best to start thinking about what to do now rather than later.

“Rather than wait until May. We thought it would assist us and give us an idea of exactly what we're dealing with.” said Guidry.

“The State Department of Education continues to give us these unfunded mandates we're going into the budget process negative $14 million of our own fault we have other pressing issues that are total out of our control.” said LPSS board member Kermit Bouillion.

Guidry also reminded the board that one reason for the anticipated shortfall – is that the district will be losing state dollars as students sign onto the charter schools soon to open in Lafayette Parish.

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