Parade Routes and Business

During carnival season, many people line the streets along Lafayette's parade route to enjoy the Mardi Gras festivities.  And while Mardi Gras brings in big crowds, it has a negative impact for some of those businesses along the route.

During Mardi Gras the intersection, of Johnston and South College, is one of the busiest in the city and local businesses definitely feel the impact of the reduced lanes and slower traffic. Most of us enjoy the fun and festivities but barricades cause heavy traffic and lead to a loss of revenue for some businesses along parade routes.

2 Paul's Owner Marilyn Adams says: “Everything falls off about 25%. We're going to pretty close evaluation for the past two or three years and we lose about 25% of revenue, I believe Albertson's will tell you the same thing and the fabric store down the street we compared notes one year and it's about a 25% to drop off.”

With a total of about ten parades in Lafayette Parish this weekend you're going to want to give yourself plenty of time to reach your destination.

Lafayette Police Corporal Paul Mouton says: “This week Thursday and Friday barricades were placed out so it's going to reduce a lot of the lanes especially on Johnson Street and Congress Street to one lane of travel rather than four, so people should avoid these areas or if they're going to be traveling those areas they should be very patient.”

Business owner Marilynn Adams understands that Mardi Gras brings great income to the city, and the barricades are a form of safety and organization.

“It's a great thing for the city and it's a good hit of revenue that the city means, we don't want to change that at all, we do want to remind our customers and everybody else that remember that we are in business and we're here to drive a little slower and come anyway remember we're all in business and remind your friends and patronize your regular places that you dine and shop and do that especially during Mardi Gras.””

Remember if you plan on using Johnston Street, South College, and Congress, you may want to choose an alternate route and be prepared for delays.

Dalfred Jones

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