Acadia Parish leads La. in rice production

Acadia Parish is made up of almost four hundred twenty thousand acres of land. But did you know that more than eighty thousand of those acres are rice fields?

That makes Acadia Parish the top rice producer in the state, with soybeans and crawfish rounding out the top three cash crops in the parish.

County agent Barrett Courville says the LSU Agcenter's role is to provide farmers in the parish, especially rice farmers and processors, with the latest research and techniques to help them maximize crop yield and quality.

Right now, these rice fields are fallow, but in just a few weeks, planting season will begin, and that's when the LSU Agcenter becomes even more valuable to area farmers.”

“We provide services.” said Courville.

You might be surprised to learn that even with the word “Ag” in its name, the Agcenter provides valuable resources to everyone in the community, not just farmers.

“A major service is our horticulture and master gardener programs, soil testing, pest research, etc.” said Courville.

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