Citrus and Fruit trees

Gary:  Today on your lawn and garden we're talking about Citrus trees. We've had some pretty cold weather, some have been damaged, some not, but John overall how are things looking.

JOHN: Pretty good so far, it is mostly the younger trees that are out there, three years and less, that are more damaged. The older ones seem to have done well.  We have one lemon tree right here that you can see the damage on, but even though it is damaged that doesn't mean you cut it down. You leave it for the spring, you'll see what still living on it. If it's below the graft, naturally you can get rid of it, but if it's above let it be.

GARY: Wouldn't you have to prune something like that?

JOHN: You would have to prune it if anything is in your way, but you don't have to prune it naturally.

We also have two other trees here that are a nice size, they're doing well. You can see where they got burnt on a few leaves but it's not bad. The chemical I want to show you that I think works really good, especially with all the trouble we've had last year and the year before with leaf miners, making a little squiggly line in the leaves, and also the mealy bugs, the black sooty mold.  This product right here is a fruit tree drench.  What you do is you put it in a sprinkler can or a bucket and drench the soil around the trunk and you're finished for the year.

It brings it up into the tree, systemically, and it kills all the insects. It works beautifully and it is so much safer because you're not spraying it your just dumping it in the soil. It works great.

We also have the old topical sprays the oils and the Malathions, which if you have a problem at the time and want to get rid of it you just go ahead and spray the leaves with it. With these chemicals it is best to use them before it reaches ninety degrees.  After ninety it is a little bit more dangerous, you can still use them but you have to be a little more careful, usually in the late afternoon and spot spray.

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