Cox lays off 58 Acadiana employees

Cox is making changes to the way the company operates in order to improve customer experience.

Cox Residential Call Centers will be transitioned into fewer, more-centralized Centers of Excellence designed to improve the customer experience, optimize the organization's effectiveness and increase its competitive readiness.

In Louisiana, the transformation means our Baton Rouge operations will house a newly-designated Center of Excellence for Tech Support, with an estimated 150 additional jobs created and a net increase in positions there. However, we will be moving customer care operations out of our Acadiana and New Orleans markets.

· The changes will impact approximately 125 employees in New Orleans, 58 in Acadiana and 63 in Baton Rouge in the second quarter of the year.

· It is difficult to say how many employees will ultimately leave the company since many will be applying for different positions within Cox. We expect our net loss of positions statewide to be somewhere around 100 by the end of the transitions.

· Our first priority will be to take care of those impacted employees. Cox is committed to providing the impacted employees with the tools needed to continue growing in their personal and professional life, including the opportunity to apply for open positions throughout the company. Employees will be provided a $15,000 incentive to relocate. For those who do not remain with the company, they will receive at least 60 days advanced notice and will be offered severance and outplacement services.

After the changes, Cox will still employ more than 1,350 people in Louisiana, including more than 700 in Baton Rouge, 400 in New Orleans and 200 in Acadiana.

· We are not closing facilities across the state or nation, rather relocating certain call center positions.

· Our Acadiana, Baton Rouge and New Orleans offices will continue to house many other functional departments besides the groups affected by this announcement. This includes employees in departments such as Field Services, Network Operations, IT, Public Affairs, Cox Business and Cox Media.

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