Crowley’s Rice Theater

The year was 1941, big band music was in style and the movie “This Thing Called Love” a romantic comedy starring Rosalind Russell and Melvyn Douglas was the first movie premiered in downtown Crowley's newest attraction, the Rice Theater.

“The theater sat one thousand at the time. Today it seats 548.” said Charlotte Jeffers.

Charlotte Jeffers Tourism Coordinator for the city of Crowley explains how the theater was a place for families to come and enjoy movies like “Young and Willing, “South of the Border” and “Casablanca”.

“It was a place where everyone met. I just read a review where adults paid 25 cents and kids paid 10 cents to get in. It was open all week but weekends were the biggest days to come.” said Jeffers.

The theater was sold to the city of Crowley in 1986. Movies were no longer played as the facility changed to a place for live performances.

“There was a partial restoration. Then in 1997 there was a complete restoration. We are an art deco place of design.” said Jeffers.

But even seventy three years later, the Rice Theater continues to be a place where people from all across the world can come, sit down and enjoy the show.

“Rice, everything else is just gravy.” said Jeffers.

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