Former Ford dealership now Crowley City Hall

What stands as the City Hall today has gone through quite some transformations over the decades. The red brick building was originally the Crowley Motor Company's Ford dealership. But now, city offices occupy the space including Charlotte Jeffers with Crowley's Tourism Department.

She says it's a very unique blast from the past.

“Cars were shipped from Detroit on the railroad and they were shipped partially assembled.” said Jeffers.

But Jeffers says the “Ford building” was not an assembly plant it was a “Model T” dealership however, the cars did undergo some touching up before hitting the showroom.

And that showroom is now space for all the see.

“This is the original freight elevator that still works today. They would bring them to the second level, they'd reassemble, and put the tires and fenders back on.” said Jeffers.

Sold a few times over a roughly 100-year-tenure. The walls could tell a lot of stories.

Also tucked away inside is the recording studio of Grammy winning producer, JD Miller, who was very instrumental with putting Louisiana music on the map.

And with a rich history inside and out this Ford building is now only one of four left in the country.

Jeffers says luckily, the city was able to gut and restore what you see here today.

“It's pretty impressive that the city of Crowley had the foresight and the leadership we had to preserve this history and heritage.” said Jeffers.

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