The history of Church Point

In the late 1700's legend has it the land was first developed by the Daigles of what is now known as Church Point. The settlers discovered the land along Bayou Plaquamine and built a church, which still stands today.

“As the little church grew, got larger and larger, it became known as La Pointe de l'Eglise, the point of the church and this is how we became the town of Church Point.” said Curator of the Vieux Presbytere Museum Glenn Faul.

Directly relating to the city's rich culture, Mayor Boudreaux says the people of Church Point are just are wealthy in their spirits.

“Whenever one of our own gets sick we have benefits and we always raise plenty money for. Take instance, Cajun Woodstock for St. Jude's, this festival last weekend for the last 11 years and we raised over $300,000. It's really great people come together and really work together.” said Boudreaux.

With Mardi Gras approaching, the city's gumbo cookoff, street dancing and parades has a record of attracting large crowds to the small city.

“Last year a little community of 45 hundred people had over 20,000 people in Church Point. It's really getting bigger and bigger.” said Boudreaux.

That growth is in large part to the increase of population in, and around the Church Point area.

“Not so much in the city limits, within a four mile radius of Church Point you have 9000 people. And the bigger businesses are coming to town and this past year we showed a surplus of $330,000 on a 3 1/2 million dollars budget so the sales tax revenue is up.” said Boudreaux.

Mayor Boudreaux is proud of the town's reputation and invites you to see the growth of his hometown.

“You need to come down and visit us and I tell you, once you come you're going to come back!” said Boudreaux.

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