Parking garage crimes

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314, that's the number of phone calls Lafayette police answered last year and all from the same location, a parking garage off of Vermilion Street.

Parc Auto Du Centre Ville has seen its number of disturbances, including fighting, theft, and even a hit and run.

The most recent incident occurred February 9. That's when two male suspects allegedly assaulted two individuals while in the stair well. Both victims suffered minor injuries, one had their wallet stolen. Despite the incidents, Corporal Paul Mouton with the LPD says the garage is safe.

Mouton says people are doing the right thing by parking in the garage because it's well lit, has surveillance cameras, a security officer and gated access. Mouton suggest that when people use the garage to not let their guard down.

Don't be distracted by electronic devices and just be aware of the surroundings. The February 9th incident is currently under investigation.

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