Mardi Gras season ends, Lenten season begins

The end of Mardi Gras season means the beginning of the Lenten season as today marked Ash Wednesday.

A 40 day season of prayer and penance in the Christian church. Wednesday brought many parishioners to church to receive their ashes. Common practices during the season include not eating meat on Fridays. Many people observe Lent by giving something up or doing something extra to benefit others.

“I'm anxious to get into Lenten season because I eat too much sometimes. I'm going to give up sweets which I do every year I give up all sweets except on Sunday. ” said Loretta Richard.

“Trying to do extra for attending mass during the week which we do have mass every day just things like that to round out our life” said Adele Connolly.

“For Lent I have decided to give up fried food because I find that it's not much of a penance to have to eat all of this seafood when it's so deliciously fried around here in Lafayette.” said Margaret Moore.

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