Staffing school bus drivers an issue in St. Landry Parish

The St. Landry Parish School system has allegedly not been following the proper procedure when it comes to staffing bus drivers.

State law reads when a route becomes open that route can be open for the remainder of the school year but the next school year it must, by law, be placed up for bid to the most senior driver in the parish.

In addition to the staffing questions of St. Landry bus drivers, there has also been conversation of privatizing bus services.

“If anything is done it has to come before the board for a vote. As a board member I'm not for it, I don't see any great advantages in it. I'm not for privatization and I don't see why I would ever change my concern about that, it affects too many of our people.” said St. Landry School Board member Anthony Standberry.

Standberry says the board has handed the matter over to legal counsel and they are awaiting advice. He also added, “if we are not in compliance with state law, we need to do what's necessary to correct it.”

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