Free screening available during Colon Cancer Awareness Month

March is Colon Cancer Awareness Month and there is free home screening available.

Over the past five years, Lafayette General Endoscopy Center or LGEC has contributed to a rise in colorectal testing in Acadiana by providing free home screening kits that test for the risks of colon cancer.

You can pick one up at any one of the 18 Acadiana Walgreens stores. It's an easy, hands-free test, and you simply mail the kit, and its result, back to LGEC and the readings are reported back to you.

“This will help to detect a tumor or a pollop at an early stage so that this can be treated successfully.” said Dr. Stephen Abshire.

Now in its sixth year, the program has grown from its first distribution of 100 kits to last year's impressive count of two thousand seven hundred.

As part of the campaign, each physician at LGEC is giving away a free colonoscopy in a drawing. Winners get the colonoscopy, which includes physician and facility fees, anesthesia and any pathology services.

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