Mobile meth lab found in Scott

A mobile meth lab was discovered in Scott Wednesday night during a traffic stop. The vehicle was pulled over for erratic driving and a broken taillight, further investigation led to the discovery.

After a series of slowing down, speeding up and U-turns, the vehicle turned into a private drive on Rice Circle. The passenger exited the vehicle,it was then he was stopped and questioned by police.

Initial request to search the vehicle was denied. It wasn't until the Lafayette Sheriffs K-9 Unit arrived and made several indications of the presence of narcotics on the vehicle, at that time the driver was detained and a search was carried out.

Scott Police Chief, Chad Leger says “At that time is was noted that there was a clandestine lab, basically a rolling meth lab in the truck of the vehicle. As well as all the chemicals that come along with it.

“It was confirmed that there was a methamphetamine lab inside. The process was not complete and it was still gassing and producing harmful vapors. So we sheltered five homes in place while hazmat technicians neutralized and rendered it safe. Once air quality was clear we allowed the residents to come outside their homes” said Chad Sonnier, Lafayette Hazmat Chief.

The driver, Amanda Olivier and passenger Randy Ward were both charged with creating and operating a Clandestine Lab. In addition to creating and operating a Clandestine Laboratory, Ward added a few more charges to his rap sheet. Once Ward was brought into the correctional facility, during a search, officers discovered meth as well as xanax pills in his sock, adding to his charges bringing scheduled narcotics and contraband into a penal facility.

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