Tech leaders gather in Lafayette to learn about fiber

Technology leaders from around the world gathered in Lafayette over the past two days to learn more about the city of Lafayette and the benefits of living in an all-fiber community.

During the two-day conference hosted by the “Fiber to the Home Council of America,” attendees heard about how living in an all fiber community has helped many sectors of the economy — such as health care, education, and government — blossom. President Heather Gold said we're lucky to live in a city that's ahead of the curve when it comes to connecting to the global economy.

“For the citizens of Lafayette, I think you understand that the rest of the country went through some pretty tough times over the last 10 years and your economy has stayed robust and I would say to a large extent that's because of the opportunities brought by the high speed broadband LUS deployed that has made you part of the global economy and less susceptible to regional fluctuations in economic conditions.” said Gold.

The conference included a visit to the Lite Center as well as guest speakers from the U.S. Department of Commerce and the Embassy of Ireland.

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