Buy a brick, build a village

Imagine a place where those with special needs can live, work, and play without ever needing a vehicle.  A place that accommodates all disabilities and gives their families peace of mind. It sounds like a dream but a local non-profit is making it a reality. The D.R.E.A.M.S foundation of Acadiana is dedicated to promoting support and activities to children and adults with special needs.

One way they hope to achieve that is by building the Unity Village Community. The 30 million dollar development includes a theater, shopping center, medical facility and gated residential complex, all specifically designed to accommodate a wide range of disabilities. Founder of the D.R.E.A.M.S foundation Brian and Donielle Watkins say they have a child with Spina bifida and want their child along with others with disabilities to be given the same chances as those without a disability.  

The Watkins also want them to have a place where they can grow, learn and thrive on their own. That's the reason behind Unity Village. Currently the development is in its planning stages. The Watkins are still looking at developers and a location. If you'd like to help, they have started a buy a brick, build a village campaign. Money raised will go towards the 30 million dollar development.  You can donate at or call 337-962-1609. 

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