Crowley to receive new fire station

“This idea has been in the works for many years now. Although it's just come to life in June 2013 when the police jury legally created the fire district and there was a tax passed to fund it” said Chad Monceaux, Chief of Crowley Service Fire Protection.

The City of Crowley Fire Department has been responding to calls in this district for many years at no charge. Property owners in the district were the only ones in Acadia Parish that had not been paying for fire protection through property taxes. Chief says, “Once the tax was passed then we were able to create and fund this new fire district.”

The land for the new station was donated by the Lawson family of Acadia Parish, and the entire department staff is ready ready for construction to begin.

Monceaux told News Ten “We're waiting on is the dry weather so that we can start construction because we got everything else we need. We got firefighters, firetrucks, the equipment and the gear and everything should be in by the end of this month we should have all of our equipment and gear. So, we're ready to go we're just waiting on the property to be ready.

Monceaux assures us the department will continue to work to improve their rating which will lead to a consistent or possibly lower fire insurance rates.

Like most fire departments throughout Acadiana, the station operates on a very small budget, so expect to see several fundraiser in the near future.

In the meantime if you would like to donate to the Crowley Service Fire Protection please call 337-458-2423.

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