Police jury to discuss animal control at Monday meeting

It's a story we've been following. The shake-up between animal rescue groups and the Vermilion Parish Rabies Control.

It all stems from three animals killed at that shelter even though help was on the way. The issue sparked outrage and prompted an explosive police jury meeting Wednesday night where euthanasia was halted until further notice. And that order saved one family's dog who has been held for nearly three weeks at the shelter.

“Gates” is quarantined at the VPRC after biting a child. The dog's owner, April Lancon, says she was told her dog was “vicious” and would be euthanized. Despite having the option to quarantine under veterinary care, Lancon said the shelter also denied that request.

Outraged, Lancon called the Vermilion Parish Police Jury, who is reviewing the case, to determine if “Gates” is considered vicious.

“I have not been able to see my dog. On Monday, he will be there for three weeks, 21 days he's been there and I've only seen him one time.” said Lancon.

The shelter's director, Pam Monceaux, could not be reached for comment. The Vermilion Parish Police Jury will vote on the fate of “Gates” at a meeting on Monday after they review the case.

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